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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to provide comprehensive information about using a account.
As support is limited on, this resource is your primary guide.

EMail How-to

How can I connect my mail client?
Your username is your complete e-mail address.
The server name is, and encryption is mandatory for all connections.
Anyway, you can also use, per your convenience, the following server names:

  • for IMAP(SSL/TLS Required)

  • for POP3(SSL/TLS Required)

  • for SMTP (STARTTLS Required)
Moreover, standard ports (110, 143, 25) are also available for all protocols, but we strongly recommend using the secure ports listed above.
Do you offer a WebMail Service?
Yes, we offer a WebMail service at or to our onion service at http://notavailableyet.onion (Coming Soon).
Based on last version of Roundcube, our webmail don't keep track of your IP Address and is fully compliant with our privacy policy.
A minimum amount of Javascript is required to use our webmail service, if you don't feel yourself comfortable with Javascript, we suggest you to use a desktop client.
I need more space!
As default policy, we provide only 100MB of space for each account, but you can request more space by contacting our support team at
Anyway, we suggest you to buy a Premium Account which include 1GB of space for your e-mails, multiple domains aliases and more features. Support for free accounts is limited and not guaranteed.
How do I categorize an email as spam?
To mark an email as spam, simply move it to your Junk folder.
Can I use a recipient delimiter in my email address?
Yes, you can utilize a period (.) as a delimiter. For instance, use to filter messages.
What if I forget my password?
Please note that passwords and accounts can be reset only with the recovery seed code provided during the signup process, if you have lost your recovery seed code, we can't help you to recover your account.
Why can't I access webmail even though I can log into
This issue typically indicates either a temporary malfunction in the webmail system or a restriction on your account.
It's rare for the webmail system to experience downtime.
Is two-factor authentication available?
Premium users can enable a 2FA System based on PGP Keys.

XMPP Accounts

How can I access XMPP services?
Accessing XMPP is straightforward using any standard XMPP client.
Log in with your credentials to connect.
Anyone can register an XMPP account through the Signup page.

However, if you are going to manually setup your account on a client, you will need to use the following settings:
  • Username: your username in
  • Domain: (or the domain you have chosen during the signup process)
  • Resource: enter a unique name for the device you're running the client on.
    For example, 'Work Laptop'. As the XMPP protocol allows you to connect to your account from multiple devices, being able to distinguish between those devices is important.

  • Port: 5222
Don't forget to setup the Proxy Settings to connect to our XMPP Server only through TOR.

Direct Registration through clients has been disabled.
What are the recommended XMPP clients?
While XMPP clients vary in features and usability, the choice depends on personal preference and specific requirements.
We suggest exploring different clients to find the one that suits your needs best.
But based on our experience, we recommend the following clients:

  • Pidgin (Most used but rarely updated, support OTR Encryption)

  • Gajim (Support both OMEMO and OTR Encryption, available for Windows, Linux and Mac)

  • eJabberd (Support both OMEMO and OTR Encryption, available for Windows, Linux and Mac)

  • Conversations (Support both OMEMO and OTR Encryption, available for Android)

  • ChatSecure (Support both OMEMO and OTR Encryption, available for iOS)


Why is offered at no cost? operates on a user-supported model.
While operational costs require financial support, we rely on our community's contributions.
Additionally, we offer premium services for users who require more features or resources, and our aim is to also become one of the biggest player in the Residential Proxy Market environment.
Our S2E is also a way to support us and earn money at same time just sharing your unused connection.
Does Ghosted cooperate with Fed/Government? has been created by Ghosted Digital Services Ltd and is full committed to user privacy, adhering strictly to our privacy policy.
While we receive reports from law enforcement, we only disclose user information when legally compelled within our jurisdiction in United Kingdom Island.
This policy, coupled with efforts to educate law enforcement about the nature of anonymous email services, help us to protect our users' privacy but at same time we are full compliant with the law requirements.
Details on information disclosures can be found on our Data Retention Policy Page

Specific ToS

There's specific ToS for your Services?
Yes, while you can find on our Tos Page the general ToS for our services, we have also specific ToS that apply to certain services.

  • GitLab: Storing any kind of illegal content is strictly prohibited, moreover, we don't allow to host any kind of content that can be considered as 'hate speech', 'racist' or 'discriminatory'. You can have Private Repository but you are not allowed to share it with other users.

  • XMPP: Don't mass-spam with your XMPP account, don't use it to send spam or to send unsolicited messages to other users. Don't use it to send illegal content or to harass other users.

  • Mail: Using E-mail System to conduct mass-spam campaign, or sending more than 30 daily e-mails is strictly prohibited. Don't use it to send illegal content or to harass other users.

Abuse & Law Enforcement

How Can I report an abuse?
If any abuse is detected by any of our services, you can report it to our Abuse Team at

Are you from law enforcement?
Please, if you have a legal request with a valid court order, you can contact us at
Without a valid court order, we will not be able to provide you any information about our users, and even with a valid court order, we will provide you only the information that are compliant with our privacy policy and our data retention policy.