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Ghosted is the alternative to all those email, Jabber, and digital hosting service providers that don't truly prioritize your privacy!

Ghosted is a collective of individuals who established a Ltd in the United Kingdom to ensure your privacy is protected without compromise.
As governments increasingly push for obtain personal data of users—a stance we believe infringes upon essential privacy rights—we are committed to offering a free, privacy-centric email and Jabber messaging service.

We retain no logs or metadata, except as required by United Kingdom' privacy regulations. Learn more about our Data Retention Policy here.
Currently, we offer a limited number of Email and Jabber accounts, and based on demand, we might increase or suspend supply.
Inspired by, we're a small provider thriving on donations, aiming to expand our services to include top-tier Residential Proxies and an exclusive VPN. hes solutions are in the pipeline, and we're excited to roll them out in the next 12 months.
We are also developing a 'Share 2 Earn' system, which will allow you to share your residential connection to earn credits redeemable in Bitcoin or Monero. We carefully verify the traffic used by those who purchase sharing through us, to prevent any kind of abuse or malicious conduct by individuals who buy even a small portion of your connection in KB.

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